Meet the family

Before I get to writing, I thought I should introduce the crew.

There’s my wonderful husband, Brian:

Brian, the horse whisperer

Brian, the horse whisperer

He cooks!  He cleans!  He does the laundry!  (Seriously.  He’s done probably 98% of the laundry since we got married.)  He looks awesome in a kilt!  (There will be pictures.)  And he has been known to take my car and fill it up with gas so I wouldn’t have to do it the next morning.  I’m pretty fond of him.  We joke that when we’re old, we’ll be able to have entire conversations with just a look or two, because we share the same brain.

Then there are the boys, Thing One (age 9) and Thing Two (age 2):

Thing One

Thing One

Thing Two

Thing Two

Thing One is my quirky child.  He is bright, creative, sweet, and occasionally prone to fits of high drama.  He likes video games, computer games, more video games, TV, reading, and jumping on the trampoline.  School is sometimes a struggle for him.  He’s been diagnosed with ADHD, but I’m really not sure.  Some days I wonder how much of it is just his quirks, and how much of it is just that he needs a bit more time to grow up.

Thing Two is my surprise child.  He was born when I was 40 years old, and boy, was that a surprise!  He’s also very intelligent, but for the most part, he seems more laid back and inclined to roll with things as they come than his older brother.  He has moments of “terribly two” right now, but that just comes with the territory.  He’s got his own handheld game/learning system, and he’s doing amazingly well.  He likes whatever his big brother has (which sometimes doesn’t sit well with big brother!).

And then there’s me:

Mom and boys

Mom and the boys

(Most of my pics are with the kids, and I have them largely because my husband takes away the camera from me and makes me get into the picture.  He says we have no pictures of me.)  I’m the full-time-working mom to the two busy boxes.  My commute is far longer than I like, my car probably looks like I live in it most of the time, and I thrive on coffee.  In my spare time, I like to read (a lot, and largely for entertainment, not for education), I play the piano (when I’m not being “helped” by one or both boys), I ring handbells at our church, and I’m trying to teach myself to knit.

And let’s not forget our cat, Oscar.  She’s 18 years old and the queen of everything.  We love her!  I’ll have pics of her, too.

That’s us in a nutshell (emphasis on nut – there’s a fair bit of nuttiness around here)!



About bunkie68

Mom to boys. Happily married. Jesus follower. Avid reader. Amateur foodie. Scentsy consultant. I thrive on chocolate and strong coffee, and I need some extra hours in my day.
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