A good week

As I’ve said before, Thing One has been diagnosed with ADHD.  He struggles with focus and organization, and school is often a challenge for him, to put it mildly.  Not because he lacks intellectual ability – he’s plenty smart.  He just has a hard time sitting still when it’s time to sit still, remembering to complete work and turn it in, staying organized, and, well, he’s been known to say that he hates school.

He took part in a program called CogMed several weeks ago.  It’s designed to improve working memory, focus, all the things he struggles with.  I imagine every one of his teachers thought first of him when asked if there were students who might benefit from the program!  We were told that we could continue to see progress in the weeks or months after the program, and I really hung my hat on that, because the progress immediately following the program was minimal at best.  But slowly, slowly, we’re seeing progress.

The Thursday folder comes home each week with work that’s been graded (and any corrections that need to be made and returned), and with a note as to how many times Thing One has signed the conduct book.  The conduct book has probably been the bane of his existence this year.  I think his record for number of times to sign it in one week was eight.  So imagine my delight to see a note like the one above!  He didn’t sign the conduct book at all, and he brought home all passing grades!  His teacher commented on how well he did and how hard he’s trying.  That’s a good week!


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One Response to A good week

  1. Tammy says:

    Yay for him!! It’s so hard for boys to sit still!


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