Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You In Your Mess – NEW Expanded Edition!

Thing Two Makes a Mess

Thing Two Makes a Mess…of Himself!

Moms, have you ever had one of  THOSE days?  You know, the kind where homework doesn’t get done, dinner burns, the cat gets sick in the middle of the living room, and one of your kids takes it upon himself to add a little body art with a marker or three?  Yeah, we’ve all had them.  Days that feel like they’ll never, ever, end, and days when we wonder what in the world God was thinking when He blessed us with kids (and on those days, we sometimes question whether our children are actually a blessing at all!).

If we’re honest, we’ve all had them.  If we’re honest, we can admit that on those days, we all feel like we’re the worst moms in the whole wide world, we aren’t good enough, we can’t hack it, every other mom on the planet has it more together than we do, and we’re ready to throw in the towel.  Please know, dear friends, we are NOT alone, and Hope for the Weary Mom: Where God Meets You In Your Mess is a perfect way to lighten our burden on those days when nothing goes right.

The first version of the book came out in 2011.  Today, the new expanded edition is available, and it’s free on Amazon for Kindle for the first 48 hours.  Free, that’s always in the budget – go pick up a copy!

This book made me laugh.  It made me cry.  And it made me realize I’m not the only mom who’s ever felt like she didn’t deserve the title.  I think this is one of my favorite passages in the book:

“Honey, I need you to come home now. The two-year-old is screaming because he wants to sit on my lap while I’m nursing the baby. The baby is screaming because the two-year-old keeps trying to sit on his head. When the two-year-old tries to sit on the baby’s head he can’t nurse. Now he won’t nurse at all and is screaming his head off. The bulldog has started crying because he wants to be fed (doesn’t everybody!!) and I’m going to explode within the next ten minutes if you don’t COME HOME AND BRING ME BEER AND CIGARETTES RIGHT NOW!”

He brought me a Coke and dark chocolate.

I’ve had moments like that!  (For the record, Brian wouldn’t bring me beer and cigarettes, either.  He’d also bring dark chocolate.  And Dr Pepper.   Or maybe coffee.)  The entire book is full of situations where moms have felt overwhelmed, underappreciated, super-stressed, and about as far from Carol Brady as anything you can imagine.  And the book is full of the many ways that God wants to reach out to us in our mess and just pour His love and grace into us.  We may not be able to be the perfect mamas on our own, but by God’s grace, we can be the moms He calls us to be.  But we have to choose:

I chose to lay down the shame, and open the blinds, letting God shine the light of His Word in my heart. I came clean, and agreed with God that I could no more raise these boys to be godly men by myself than I could walk to the moon.

Much like Brooke describes, I’ve got two of “those” boys – rowdy, loud, and proud, and sometimes a bit much for public consumption!  I can’t raise them to be Godly men by myself.  I can’t raise them to be Godly men with just me and Brian.  But God is waiting for me to invite Him to walk with me (and sometimes carry me!) along the path of parenting.  He can work through me to grow my boys into the men He wants them to be, and Hope for the Weary Mom does a wonderful job of reminding me and encouraging me to remember that.

This version of the book also has study questions at the end of each chapter, which I absolutely love.  So many of them hit me right square in the heart and really made me think.  “When was the last time you honestly admitted to God how weary you truly are?  How do you think He would handle the news?”  Well, of course He knows when I’m worn to a frazzle – He knows everything about me!  But He’s waiting for me to ask for help, ask for grace – He won’t step in uninvited.  “Do you have areas of your life where you constantly struggle? Maybe your dishes are piled sky high, or your laundry looks like a small mountain. When you look at those visible signs of struggle, what are the first words that pop into your head?”  Um, yeah.  Dishes.  Dirty clothes not making it to the hamper.  All of those tell me, “wow, you really stink at this parenting gig, you can’t even get your kids to pick up their dirty clothes on a regular basis”.  But God has different words to fill my mind and my heart.  The questions are a great opportunity to think through a lot of things, either on your own or with a group of moms, and to realize that we aren’t the only ones, and there IS hope.

Thank you, Brooke and Stacey, for opening your hearts and pouring them out on paper for weary moms everywhere.  Your book is a blessing, to me and to so many others.

After you’ve picked up your copy of the book, please stop by the Facebook party this evening – there will be good fellowship and great giveaways!  Also, check out what others are saying on the blog tour!


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