Book Review: I, Saul by Jerry B. Jenkins and James MacDonald

I Saul CoverSynopsis (from

A MURDERER who would change the WORLD

From multi-million copy best-selling novelist Jerry Jenkins comes a compelling international thriller that conveys you from present-day Texas to a dank Roman dungeon in A.D. 67, then down the dusty roads of ancient Israel, Asia, and back to Rome.

A young seminary professor, Augustine Knox, is drawn into a deadly race to save priceless parchments from antiquities thieves and discovers a two- thousand-year old connection with another who faced death for the sake of the truth. I, Saul consists of two riveting adventures in one, transporting you between the stories of Augustine Knox and Saul of Tarsus.

Filled with political intrigue, romance, and rich historical detail, I, Saul is a thrilling tale of loyal friendships tested by life-or-death quests, set two millennia apart, told by a master storyteller.

Jerry Jenkins is the co-author of the Left Behind series, and it’s sold goodness know how many copies.  I’ve never read any of them, though.  But when I had the opportunity to review I, Saul for Fiction Addict, I jumped at it.  I love historical fiction, I love Christian fiction, I love the Bible, I love a good thriller.  This book has all of those elements and then some.

The story begins in the modern day, with Professor Augustine (Augie) Knox receiving a message from an old and trusted friend telling him to come from Texas to Italy immediately.  The message hints at great danger, and Augie travels the globe to learn that a manuscript has been found that could be a memoir in the hand of the apostle Paul.  Yes, that Paul – Saul, a zealous persecutor of the early Christians, who had an up-close and personal encounter with the Lord on the road to Damascus and was transformed into Paul, a mighty witness for Christ.  The document, if legitimate, is valuable beyond belief, and Augie is plunged into a deadly race to stay a step ahead of a cop gone bad and stay alive as he and his friends search for the manuscript.

The story moves with ease between modern day and Biblical times.  Sometimes I get a little off kilter with stories told in flashbacks, but it wasn’t a problem at all here.  I wasn’t there when Paul and Luke and Timothy were alive, and it was fascinating to read the story and imagine what their interactions might have been like.  I found it to be a thoroughly engaging read, and one in which I learned a few things as well.  It instilled in me a desire to read more about the life of Paul and other Biblical figures, and I hope there will be a sequel!

You can buy the book on if you’d like to give it a read.  I’d recommend it for history buffs, Biblical scholars, or anyone who enjoys a good suspenseful read.

A Disclaimer:  Note:  I received this book as part of the I, Saul blog tour from Fiction Addict.  I received no compensation for this review and only received a copy of the book for review purposes.


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