New direction? How about a whole new map?

Yeah, you know all that thinking I was doing about maybe taking a new direction?  Well, God has an interesting way of opening doors when He sees fit to do so.

Open Door

A couple of weeks ago, I lost that new job I got.  I’m a good worker, but apparently not what they were looking for in a manager.  I had already questioned in my own mind whether the job was a wrong move, so I’m not terribly upset not to be doing the work anymore.  It didn’t feel right.  But the loss of a big chunk of our family’s income is a bit unsettling, to put it mildly.

Since then, I’ve been job hunting, and I’ve even gone on an interview or two.  But I keep feeling that this is an opportunity for God to do something different in our lives.  I’ve found a couple of work-at-home opportunities – one I’m already doing, one I’m waiting to hear back from – and maybe, JUST MAYBE, this is a chance for me to have that flexibility I’ve longed for.

Pros to working from home:

  • No commute!  After years of having crazy long, highly trafficky commutes, the thought of not even having to drive down the street to work is VERY appealing.
  • The ability to be there for my boys.  If someone is sick, I don’t miss work.  I take time off for a doctor visit if needed, take care of my kid, and go right back to doing what pays the bills.
  • The ability to cook more.  Since I’ve been home these past few weeks, I’ve been baking like mad.  It’s like therapy for me.  It also keeps my kids (and me and the husband!) stocked with snacks that have ingredients I can pronounce, like sugar, butter, peanut butter, chocolate.
  • More time with my kids.  I get to pick them up from school in the afternoons – no more after-school care for them.  Homework gets done earlier, dinner gets done earlier (most days), and then we have time to just enjoy.

Cons to working from home:

  • The opportunities I’ve found are contract employment.  No guaranteed work, no guaranteed income.  I just remind myself, though, that our faith is in the Lord – He meets our needs, not a particular job or a particular company or a particular paycheck.  And He isn’t limited in the methods He might use to accomplish that.
  • Distractions!  If you own a home, you know that everywhere you look, you see something you should be doing.  Oh, look, the floor needs to be mopped.  Hey, there’s another load of laundry to wash and dry and fold.  Thing Two has outgrown all of his pants and could stand for Mom to make him another pair or three.  Always something.  I can see a definite need for a schedule and a routine to keep me focused.
  • More time with my kids!  I love them with all my heart, but they are boys, rowdy, loud, and proud, and sometimes they wear me out.  LOL

I want to give these opportunities I’ve found a fair chance to work.  If it turns out that they don’t bring in enough to sustain us, if I can’t bring in enough income from home to make ends meet, then I’ll find a job outside the home again.  But I think the boys like having me home – they’ve both commented more than once about how much they like being car riders and how glad they are not to be at after-school care anymore.  I enjoy being able to do some things around the house that I don’t always do.  I like that I can get up, get my day started, get the boys to school, and then come home and do something productive.  And if I need to run an errand that takes me away from the computer for half an hour, forty-five minutes, who’s going to fuss?  No one, that’s who!

So.  New direction, new map, it’s a whole new path for me.  Let’s see where the road takes me!


About bunkie68

Mom to boys. Happily married. Jesus follower. Avid reader. Amateur foodie. Scentsy consultant. I thrive on chocolate and strong coffee, and I need some extra hours in my day.
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9 Responses to New direction? How about a whole new map?

  1. Mel says:

    Love. Love. Love.


  2. I bet your boys love having you home! I was home with my boys for 14 years. We had a ton of fun and raising your kids is the toughest job you will ever have.


    • bunkie68 says:

      Absolutely, raising my kids is the toughest job I’ll ever have! Maybe that’s why I keep feeling like it’s what I need to focus on right now. Thing One is 11 – he’ll be a grown man before I know it, and my opportunity to help him grow up right will be gone.


  3. April G. says:

    Hi Lisa! I’m stopping by from the SITS Spring Fling challenge. I would love to be able to work from home but I know I would get caught up in those same cons you listed. Good luck to you.


  4. heartbeatssoulstains says:

    Wow Lisa, you definitely are heading in a whole new direction. I wish you all the best, I know when things seem toughest is where the greatest challenges and adventures come from. Stopping by from #SITSChallenge I’m excited to be meeting new bloggers


  5. Holly says:

    Good luck with wherever your employment journey leads! I recently transitioned from working away from home to self-employment at home. It’s definitely challenging at times. I’ve created a big of a home office for myself which helps separate home/life. I do not have children though, so I’m not sure how to navigate that. I think it would be hard to have children in background if your job includes taking phone calls.


    • bunkie68 says:

      Holly, thankfully my work does not include phone calls – just being able to listen to audio and transcribe it accurately (which can also be a challenge with noisy boys running around!). I haven’t quite found the sweet spot yet, the perfect balance of work and family, but it will improve with time. Good luck with your new path as well!


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