Happy Hug Your Cat Day! And National Adopt a Cat Month!

Did you know that June 4 is designated as Hug Your Cat Day?  In honor of this momentous feline occasion, I want to introduce our two cat-beasts.

This is Camille.

Camille at rest

Our cat Oscar had died in 2013 after living as Queen Sassy Cat for 20 years, and we hadn’t yet had the heart to bring another cat home.  Thing One was at his dad’s for Thanksgiving in 2014, and he called all excited, wanting to know could we bring a cat home from his dad’s house.  They had three cats and were looking to rehome them.  He chose the little gray and white one (who was named Oreo at that time, for reasons we can’t fathom – Oreos aren’t gray and white!)  We decided it was time, and Oreo the gray and white cat came home with us.  We promptly renamed her Camille.

She was a little bitty thing when we got her, with long, long fur she hadn’t yet grown into.  But she grew.  Oh, she grew!  We think she may have a little bit of Maine Coon in her, because she’s a sizable cat, with a lot of fur and big ol’ feet.

She is the cat who says, “if it fits, I sits”.

Commander Camille and Her Cardboard Spaceship

Commander Camille and Her Cardboard Spaceship

She’s a jumper.  The first time she ended up on the highest cabinet in our kitchen, we could hardly believe it.

Camille on the Cabinet

She’s fond of water.  She’ll come stare at the faucet when I’m at the sink with water running.  We often find her in the bathtub or the bathroom sink (but only if there’s no water actually in it).  And she does like fruit.  And books.

Camille and Bananas

Camille goes bananas

Camille with Books

Is that really a comfortable place to sit?

And since June is also National Adopt a Cat Month, how appropriate that we have another cat to write about!  Camille had lived with us a few months, and I happened to look at our parish’s shelter page.  I saw that a tuxedo cat, female, also (originally) named Oreo, was scheduled to be put down that Friday if she didn’t find a home.  I told Brian she was an Oreo cat, too, she needed to come live with us!  So I went to the shelter and brought her home, and she has been my cat ever since.  (And I do mean my cat.  If I sit down, she’s in my lap in about 3.2 seconds.  Anyone else, she pretty much looks at and runs away most days.)

We thought Oreo was kind of an obvious name for a black and white cat, so we renamed her Truffle.  Truffle is the longest, lankiest, skinniest cat I’ve ever seen.  If I didn’t know how much she eats, I’d swear she didn’t eat and was malnourished.  She’s not.  She’s just built this way.  Truffle is all long legs and big ears and big eyes.

Truffle helping with my work

Truffle helping with my work

Truffle at rest

Truffle at rest

Alien Truffle?

Alien Truffle?

We’ve joked that Camille is our therapy cat, because she’s big and fluffy and lets us pick her up and hug her, and Truffle is our cat that needs therapy, because she’s nervous and twitchy and always startled when someone walks up on her (on a serious note, we do wonder if maybe her previous owner wasn’t kind to her).  We love them both and are constantly entertained by them, and we hope they live long, healthy lives like Oscar did.

Now, go celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month by visiting your local shelter and bringing a new feline friend home.  And always have your cats spayed or neutered, so as to reduce the number of cats who end up in shelters and who end up running wild.


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