Book Review: The Shadow: Someone is Watching (Rahab’s Rope, Book 1)

Meagan Winston cares deeply about women who are victims of human trafficking.  She travels to India regularly to help women escape those who are victimizing them.  Unknown to her, drugs are also making that same trip, and she is the only connection the FBI can find.

The FBI wants answers.  Enter former Marine Cole Fleming.  He shows up at Rahab’s Rope, the shop where Meagan works selling items made by women rescued from trafficking, with questions.  As the investigation unfolds, it becomes evident that someone else is also interested in Meagan, someone who’s watched her from a distance for a very long time and wants to show her how much she means to him.  Can Meagan trust her heart?  Is Cole the man following her?

The Shadow was a humdinger of a good read!  This is the first book by Kimberly Rae that I’ve had the pleasure of reading, and I expect it won’t be the last.  I wanted to reach into the pages and hug Meagan.  I can’t imagine being accused by the FBI of international drug trafficking, nor can I imagine having someone stalking me.  One would be bad enough, but both?

In additional to a whole lot of suspenseful moments, the book has some other high points as well.  It looks at the effects of the drug trafficking the FBI is looking to stop, and in that theme, we get some insight into why Cole does what he does.  We see how Meagan’s faith sustains her, and the good relationships between her and her family (her grandpa is my favorite!).  We see the redemptive power of God in a broken marriage, and the start of a relationship in the most unlikely of circumstances.

If you’re a fan of Dee Henderson’s work, you will thoroughly enjoy The Shadow.  You can read it for free right now with Kindle Unlimited, or you can win your very own copy here!  I’ve got one to give away.  To enter, just leave a comment letting me know what cause is near and dear to your heart (and if you feel inclined to talk about it, why).

Disclaimer:  I received an advance copy of this book from the BlogAbout Blogger Network in exchange for my honest review.  I only read books that interest me, and I don’t say nice things about the books I read unless they’re true.  All opinions expressed here are mine, and I received nothing in exchange for my review other than the advance copy.



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