Book Review: Curse Breaker (Kingdom of Runes, #2)

  • Title: Curse Breaker
  • Series: Kingdom of Runes, #2
  • Author: Audrey Grey
  • Genre: Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
  • Where to buy: Amazon (affiliate link)
  • Cover: Smashing!
  • Pacing: Brisk
  • Would I recommend: Only if you enjoy swords and sorcery, light versus dark, and plot twists to make your hair fry. Yes. Go get it already.

From Goodreads:

All magic has a price. 

Haven survived the Devourers, but she isn’t any closer to breaking the curse. Meanwhile, her forbidden magic rages brighter and more dangerous every day. 

To control her powers and stand a chance against the Shade Queen, Haven made a bargain with two enemy immortals. Now her waking hours are spent fighting alongside the Sun Lord, but her dreams belong to the Shade Lord. 

Only the closer she ventures into the wicked Shadow Kingdom the more her magic shows itself—and the more she struggles with whom to trust. The golden but wounded Sun Lord or the darkly charismatic Shade Lord. 

Both are off-limits. 

And both have the ability to save her . . . or destroy her. 

With the Shade Queen closing in and Bell’s time nearly up, Haven will sacrifice everything to break the curse—but will it be enough to stop the mortal realm from falling into darkness forever? 

Welcome to the Kingdom of Runes where immortals and humans clash, light and dark magic reign, and mythical creatures lurk in the shadows. If you like fierce heroines, enemies-to-lovers romance, wild plot twists, and endearing characters that stay with you long after you reach the end, you need to discover the book readers are calling dark fantasy at its best. Just make sure to clear out some space on your calendar first! 

My review:

Curse Breaker jumps right in where Oath Taker left off and takes the reader on another fast-paced adventure. Haven and the group of Solis she’s been traveling with continue to fight their way through the Ruinlands to get the things they need to break the Curse. It seems like nothing can ever be easy for them, and Haven is trying to master her forbidden hybrid magick while they fight one battle after another. And she is determined to save Bell, no matter what it costs her.

In this book, we get a bit more insight into both Archeron and Stolas. We learn that they aren’t just what they appear to be on the surface, and I enjoyed getting to know more about them. Bless Haven’s heart, she has feelings for both of them. I’m curious to see how the love relationships play out in book three. We also learn more about Bell and about the prince who was responsible for bringing the Curse down in the first place, and we learn more about the Noctis and the Shade Queen from Bell’s point of view.

Action, tension, attraction, a tragic true love story, and twists and turns you don’t see coming. That’s Curse Breaker, a smokin’ good read and an excellent continuation of the Kingdom of Runes series. The third book cannot get here fast enough for me!

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy from the author. All opinions expressed here are mine, and I don’t say nice things about books I don’t actually like.

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