Tuneful Tuesday: It’s That Season Again

Yes, indeed, it’s hurricane season. (Y’all thought I meant Christmas? Nah, that’s still a little ways away.)

A few days ago, it was looking like Louisiana was going to be getting a one-two tropical punch, and I don’t mean the fruity and delicious kind. We were looking at potentially two hurricanes hitting our state in very close succession. Now Marco has fizzled, but it remains to be seen how strong Laura will get before she hits.

I’ve got a song for that.

Doesn’t that music just sound like a hurricane strengthening and then blowing itself out? Amazing.

And then the question for anyone who’s ever been in the crosshairs of a storm….

That’s kind of where we are right now. Currently, we’re under a tropical storm watch. It remains to be seen how much stronger Laura may get out in the open water, and how far her impact will spread. We aren’t expected to get a direct hit, but with a big enough and strong enough storm, we could still get some rough weather. And there’s a big difference in having a house that will survive 80 MPH winds and riding that kind of storm out in your house. Not sure it would do my anxiety any favors to stay here if they’re predicting those kinds of winds!

So we’ll watch, and see what happens, and if need be, we’ll head out of town for a bit. Everyone else who may be reading and in Laura’s path, stay safe!

About Lisa @ theplainspokenpen

Mom to boys. Happily married. Jesus follower. Avid reader. Proofreader, trying to make it an actual paying job. Amateur foodie. Scentsy consultant. I thrive on chocolate and strong coffee, and I need some extra hours in my day.
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