I’m Lisa.  Mom to boys.  I’m an attorney by education and employment and a geek by inclination.  I read anything that sits still (but I don’t say nice things about books I don’t like).  I cook and bake (because they aren’t the same thing), play the piano, and do calligraphy (and I’m learning more!).  I’m also one of those people that can find a mistake in a written work at fifty paces – if you need some proofreading or editing, I can help (link to my Facebook page is in the sidebar).

Brian is my husband.  He teaches at the small private school that our younger son attends.  He teaches 7th and 8th grades.  I couldn’t do that on a bet.

And then there are the boys – Thing One (age 16) and Thing Two (age 10).  They keep us hopping, and most days, we wouldn’t trade them.

Random moments of hilarity, lots of hugs, the occasional really smelly fart, geekdom aplenty – that’s life with the Herd.