I’m Lisa.  Mom to boys.  I’m an attorney by education and employment and a geek by inclination.  I read anything that sits still (but I don’t say nice things about books I don’t like).  I cook, play the piano, and do calligraphy (and I’m learning more!).

Brian is my husband.  He’s an educator at our local zoo.  With his job, it’s not unusual for us to have conversations about animal poop or skinning mice (for some of their animals who are carnivores)!

And then there are Thing One (age 14) and Thing Two (age 8).  They keep us hopping, and most days, we wouldn’t trade them.

Let’s not forget the furbeasts, Camille and Truffle.  We say that Camille is our therapy cat (because she’s fluffy and huggable) and Truffle is our cat that needs therapy (because she’s the longest, skinniest cat ever and she’s fourteen kinds of nervous and jumpy).  They entertain us daily.