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Bittersweet farewells

Last weekend was a busy weekend for us.  The events that led up to this moment actually started way back in August, 2012, when my father passed away.  He’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s several years earlier.  He fought it hard, … Continue reading

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Who you really are

I went to Thing One’s eighth grade awards program today.  Sitting in the middle school gym made me think back (a long way back) to my school days.  I was one of “those” kids.  The kind who was involved in … Continue reading

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Happy Hug Your Cat Day! And National Adopt a Cat Month!

Did you know that June 4 is designated as Hug Your Cat Day?  In honor of this momentous feline occasion, I want to introduce our two cat-beasts. This is Camille. Our cat Oscar had died in 2013 after living as … Continue reading

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The Big Snow

Let’s take a trip in the WABAC machine today, shall we?  I came across this as I was going through some old pictures: That was The Big Snow of February 2010.  Thing One was 7 years old, and Thing Two … Continue reading

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And now for your daily dose of squeeeeeee!!!

Brian was out cleaning up along our property line, and he came in insisting that we all had to come see, right away! So we did.  And what did we see?   A nest of baby bunnies!!!  In our own … Continue reading

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New direction? How about a whole new map?

Yeah, you know all that thinking I was doing about maybe taking a new direction?  Well, God has an interesting way of opening doors when He sees fit to do so. A couple of weeks ago, I lost that new … Continue reading

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What makes work meaningful? And other intellectual exercises

One of the questions I was asked to answer in the book I’m reading is what do you think meaningful work is.  What does the world think meaningful work is. Is this meaningful work? Is this? How about this: I … Continue reading

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Moving day is finally here!

I’ll blog in more detail later, I’m sure, but right now, let it suffice to say that we’re closing on our house today!  Let the moving commence!We won’t get it all done today, but we can sure make a good … Continue reading

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Le Jardin Bed and Breakfast, Natchez, MS

Brian and I celebrated our five-year anniversary last month.  We didn’t go on a honeymoon when we got married, so we thought it might be a good time for us to go on a little getaway, just the two of … Continue reading

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Restaurant Review: Sammy’s Grill

Since we moved here, Brian has been on the lookout for a good, made from scratch chicken fried steak. Every place he asked, he was disappointed to learn that they made their chicken fried steaks using frozen premade chicken fried … Continue reading

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